Currency Exchange

The currency used in Italy, is of course, the Euro! Exchange rates fluctuate daily. The exact rates are posted daily at all NSA Naples money exchange services, and local banks.

There are various places to change money both on and off base. Following are some options:

NSA Capodichino & Support Site

Bank of America - Community Bank: dollars to euro
NEX Support Site Cashier: euro or dollar sales. Rates are the daily rate at plus or minus 15 euro cents.

JFC (base in Bagnoli)

Banco di Napoli: euro, Dollar, Sterling, Deutsche mark, and other major currency sales.

Off base

Money can be exchanged at two types of facilities- banks and exchange bureaus (cambio). Shop around for the best deal, and balance convenience with advantageous rate. For example, you may get a few more euro for your dollar at a cambio downtown, but if you are only changing a couple of hundred dollars or less, the inconvenience of going to the cambio probably will outweigh the advantage in rate

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