Extended Tours

Experience Europe with your USO!



Being stationed in Italy means a once-in-a- lifetime chance to travel to the capitals of Europe and more. Make the most of the long weekends and holidays, and start collecting unforgettable memories. Germany, France, Spain, Turkey, Greece, Hungary, England etc.
The quality and value of the USO extended tours are unmatched, just like the guarantee of traveling with the USO! Tour schedules can be viewed in the column on the right.

You can sign up online and call the USO to make your payment by credit card ( Visa or Mastercard) or visit one of the offices to pay in Euro cash.
Cancellation policy for each tour is stated on the itinerary. Please take a moment to read carefully before signing up.

Please note that a valid US Tourist Passport is required for all tours.

Passengers are only entitled to one seat per person on USO Bus tours. 

Upon boarding the bus please take a seat next to your travel partner/spouse.
Children must be seated next to an adult at all times.
Tour director reserves the right to re-assign seats to allow all passengers to experience the different views. Front row seats are reserved for the tour director and second bus driver


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